What matters to us

West Adventures wants to ensure you have every opportunity to immerse yourself into the spectacular nature our corner of the world has to offer, without having any of the worries and effort of planning and executing the trip. Just enjoy all the memorable and inspiring experiences that await you!

Tour North America

Committed to Producing Top Quality Tours

While West Adventures wants you to experience nature we do not feel you need to be uncomfortable or inconvenienced while doing so. West Adventures provides educated and helpful guides, many more meals than other tours do, comfortable coaches and quality camping equipment. During free time we make our driver and coach available to you whenever possible. Our routes are second to none; we have personally tested out our trips, to make sure you get the most complete experience possible.

Tour Canada

A Passion for the Outdoors, Geography and Adventure!

West Adventures caters to those that have a passion for the world we live in but also the earth we live on. The Rocky Mountains of Canada offer towering peaks, serene turquoise lakes, thick forests, gushing rivers, thermal hot springs and superb alpine scenery. Spot native wildlife and learn about their habitat one moment and the next feel your adrenalin pump while enjoying any one of our many adventure activities. Other Landscapes you will enjoy include deserts, impressive glaciers, massive canyons and ancient homes carved into the cliffs.

Canadian Outdoor Tours

Keeping You Safe!

Your safety is our #1 priority. We have a rigid maintenance schedule for all our vehicles and our drivers are qualified with a clean driver record. We strictly adhere to the Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations so your driver is always alert. We have full first aid kits on all our tours along with guides that are trained in first aid should there be a need and are food safe certified.