Our Story

West Adventures was started out of a passion for what was possible but not readily available! I founded this company out of two passions and a personal disposition. The first one was a passion to see the world, a passion that’s been with me since about the age of five. I’ve since travelled on many similar style trips to various parts of the world and enjoyed them immensely! But, I’ve also found none of the options provided me with everything I was seeking. Each company I travelled with had it’s own strengths but none delivered everything I felt was needed. My ideal brings together what I consider the best from each of my experiences.

The second passion is to showcase the spectacular part of the world in which I live to the rest of the world. When I looked at trips being offered to our corner of the world I knew it could be experienced so much better. I was immediately excited about the huge opportunity to provide exceptional experiences to fellow adventurers; the kind I would want to travel on myself.

The disposition was that of an entrepreneur. I love putting together successful new ventures, and doing so with a commitment to provide the highest quality outcomes. Exceptional service has always been a core value, and is with West Adventures as well.

So, I put together these passions and disposition and created West Adventures, a company committed to providing you with “experiences of a lifetime.”

Naturally, I went out and hired the best, to help set up these superior adventures. Tanya Tapley, Operations Manager, was raised here, has a passion for this area, and has also experienced the adventures we offer. She loves the outdoors and spends her summer weekends providing great camping experiences for her friends. She’s done exactly what we’re now offering to the rest of the world. What’s more, she’s travelled the world and has more than twenty years’ experience in the industry. She’s as passionate about this venture as I!

More recently Rebecca Nicholls de Rocha (AKA Becky) has joined our team as our new Destination Manager and Chief Happiness Officer.
Becky is a Kiwi (she’s from New Zealand), but has lived in Australia, the USA, the UK and for the last 10 years Guatemala. She arrived in Guatemala as a volunteer in an orphanage and never left.
Becky has been running tours though Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Venezuela since 2010.
She has an incredible soft spot for any sort of animal and is in love with all things Latin American.

We are so excited to welcome Becky to our team as it means the next step in the growth of West Adventures! Becky can be contacted directly at or by telephone at Guatemala: +502 33575226 / Whatsapp: +502 44146174

We have also now opened up our European division, with Cindy Vos leading this project. Cindy lives in the Netherlands and is a busy mother of two beautiful boys. Cindy is a bubbly social person who loves to immerse herself in nature along with her family. Next to her family she says her heart belongs to Canada and has since she was a little girl. Having travelled to North America a couple of times already, it has only increased her desire to spend time here and share her passion about our area of the world with others. She loves to share her passion for North America with other people and explain to them what makes her so enthusiastic about the country and the people in it. Cindy will be working with both individuals and travel agents and well as promoting private group travel. With Cindy’s business background we couldn’t ask for a better representative to open up the European market for us. If you are from Europe and have any questions or need any assistance Cindy can be contacted at or by telephone at +31611092708