About Us

West Adventures strives to give you the best experience you can have in “The West.” The founders and key personnel were born and raised here and have personally experienced the adventures we offer both in North & Latin America. We know that you have a variety of options to choose from when you come to the West. We’ve chosen to give you some differences from the vanilla trips, some unique experiences, from some unique perspectives, from special people who know what they’re about. We are excited that you appreciate our parts of the world as much as we do!

Top 5 Reasons to Tour with West Adventures

North America Tours

Reason 1: We’ve been there and lived it! We know this part of the world, because it’s our back yard. We’ve personally experienced what we now offer to the rest of the world! We also care about sustaining this beautiful resource for future generations.

Reason 2: Our guides are the best! They’re certified and knowledgeable and work with you to provide you with the experience you anticipated when you put your confidence in West Adventures.

Reason 3: We travel the best routes, not the short-cuts, and take you to the best vistas. We get you close to nature, while offer the most exciting experiences and many unique activity options.

Reason 4: Our tours are designed to build teamwork and create lifelong friendships. We value the camaraderie of shared experiences and appreciate the contribution it makes toward international harmony.

Reason 5: We provide comfortable vehicles, including individual, not bench seats. To get the best experiences sometimes requires extensive travel; we want you to enjoy the trip, not just endure it.