Unbelievable! The rush to the west is back! Have amazing experiences
exploring the legendary landscapes and adventures of the West & Latin America.

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Special Message from the Founder
West Adventures gives you the best of The West, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without all the work! We get you beyond the highway to capture the most amazing landscapes and to participate in the adventures that will create lifelong memories and great new friends from around the world!

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West Adventures

A better experience, because we’ve lived it.

At West Adventures, we are local, know the area, know the people. We find you the places and experiences others might not include and travel the routes that assure you that you haven’t missed the best. We strive for better transportation and better experiences, like river rafting and house-boating.

Why do we push ourselves to be unique?

The West Adventures difference

The West Adventures difference
  • Two guides on most trips – assuring a better experience!
  • Including unique local experiences you’ll be talking about for life.
  • It’s about the journey, not just the destination. The history, geography, geology, flora and fauna interpretation give life and personality to the passing landscapes.

About Western Canada, the United States and Latin America

The term “Go West” has excited the imagination for centuries, and still does. Come see the rugged beauty and exhilarating nature that the West has to offer. From mind blowing mountainous terrain to breathtaking waterfalls, placid lakes to the expanse of an ocean that stretches far beyond eyesight. Whether it is flora and fauna, a unique culture or some exhilarating experiences out in the fresh air, you are looking for, you’ll find it all in the West!

Creating Rich, Meaningful Adventure Experiences

West Adventures is not for someone who wants to see things from the window of a vehicle. If you want to connect with nature and learn about the amazing earth we live on first hand, then come with us! Depending on which tour you choose, you will have opportunities to hike in famous national parks, to canoe or raft down exhilarating rivers, kayak in the Pacific Ocean, cycle between vineyards, zipline, swim in a desert lake and much more. You may also have the opportunity to stay on a houseboat on the peaceful and beautiful Shuswap Lake. When returning home, you will have a fuller sense of how awe inspiring nature is, plus the photos to prove it.